26 October 2004

A quiet halloween indoors

A witch and a ghost raised their glasses to toast,
The devils and demons outside.
But tonight they would stay a long way away,
For they'd much rather keep warm and hide

We'll pretend that we're nice, get a curry and rice,
Maybe brew up some tea on the range.
We don't care for a fright on this Halloween night,
We think it's all terribly strange.

So tonight we'll behave while the children are brave,
Facing up to the monsters and ghouls.
We'll lock our front door, eat jalfrezi and more,
And heat up while the night slowly cools.

So midnight passed by, the bats left the sky,
And a werewolf howled up to the moon.
When the sun reared its head, they both went to bed,
And they promised to meet again soon.