21 October 2004

The witch and the curly cat

I've avoided talking about witches because of the chance that they might take offence to seeing anything in print about them. But what the heck! You only live once.

I thought I'd tell you a story of a witch who had a very rare cat that caused more trouble than it was worth.

The witch in question was called Varma. She had a nasty streak, but mostly was lovely to be around, and she made a delicious steak casserole. However, as all witches do, Varma had a black cat, and it was a little different to the norm.

For a start it was curly, and had huge ears and big bright eyes. It also had the most unusual habit of devouring everything it came across. It would eat paper, tins, frogs; it even even chewed on books, and for a witch this was dangerous.

One morning Varma was preparing a spell when her curly cat walked past. It looked a little off colour, and let out a huge burp. A puff of green smoke whisped into the air, and Varma's cauldron turned into a three-eyed monster that stomped out of the house taking the front door with it.

Varma noticed that her largest spell book had been thoroughly chewed, and to go with it, pots and boxes of ingredients had been devoured too. The curly cat had become a random spell generator.

She turned round to see the cat burping again. This time a puff of purple smoke drifted into the air. Varma took shelter as storm clouds filled the ceiling and lightning and rain poured down. Her curly cat charged off like a drowned rat.

Over the course of the day, Varma had to deal with a number of crises. Her curly cat turned her into a snail, it made her pet tarantula grow to mammoth proportions, and it even turned her home to jelly. And those acts of magic weren't even the half of it.

Thankfully, though, its magic powers didn't last, and by the next day the curly cat had finished expelling spells. It had also learnt its lesson, for because of a rogue spell it now had six legs rather than the usual four. So all was reasonably good in the end. Varma even started to enjoy being a snail, but that didn't last long sadly, as she was picked off by a small greenfinch within the first week.