03 November 2004

The man who liked to sleep

Mr Penfold Twofold liked to sleep.

He liked to sleep so much that he missed his first eight birthdays by dozing through the day.

As if that wasn't enough, he slept through his own wedding and he even snored through the birth of his first child. He could sleep for weeks on end.

Mr Twofold's sleeping got so bad that his dreams became more real than reality, and that was a very strange position to be in.

Eventually, Mr Penfold Twofold forgot about living a real life. While asleep he donned a wizard's hat and cape and became the Great Suprenzo, who mystified and entertained the masses with his stunts of wonderful expertise and magic. And when the Great Suprenzo would have to sleep, he would dream he was Mr Penfold Twofold. But sleeping was so boring, so he tried to do it for as little as possible.

The Great Suprenzo learnt how to fly like an eagle and swim like a dolphin. He could turn invisible and breathe fire. He was quite a man, and led the most wonderful life that was coveted by all.

And of course, Mr Penfold Twofold managed to sleep through his own death. But that didn't matter because everyone loved the Great Suprenzo, who, incidentally, learnt how to live forever.