18 November 2004

Mr Fenfang's Arms

I used to have difficulty keeping up with shoe sizes when my feet grew, as I always found my big toe poked through the side of my shoes before they were done. but they were nothing to what Mr Fenfang had to deal with.

Mr Fenfang had a most unusual feature: his arms. Ever since he was little his arms had grown at twice the rate of the rest of his body. And when that stopped growing, his arms decided they'd carry on doing what they do best.

His arms were nearing a mile long by his 20th birthday, and as he reached 30, his arms rested at a grand 3 miles in length. This clearly posed problems, especially when it came to eating and drinking. Free space was also a matter of concern, and he had to wrap his arms in loops and leave them outside most days.

Mr Fenfang found it very easy to visit the local shop without leaving his home. His arms took a long time to unwind and make their way there however, yet Ms Fellaway, the shopkeeper, was always happy to answer a well-written shopping list. But one moonlit night, he found the shop firmly closed.

All he needed was a candle to light up his home, but there wasn't one to be found anywhere. Mr Fenfang hated to sit in the dark, and a rather radical idea came to him.

He dragged himself out into the night, and let his arms unfurl like fresh fronds of fern. And then, looking up to the sky, he stretched right up until his fingers touched the surface of the moon. It wasn't as big as everyone had thought, and it certainly wasn't made of cheese. With a bit of a pull, Mr Fenfang brough it down to earth and placed it directly behind his house.

The light that shone out from it was blinding, and that night Mr Fenfang certainly didn't want for candles.

The next morning, people in the nearby towns and villages couldn't understand why the land was shrouded in darkness. And then they looked to the horizon and saw the moon sat behind Mr Fenfang's house. Immediately, a large rabble of people headed over to see Mr Fenfang and let him know what a preposterous idea it was to steal the moon for his own personal use.

He failed to agree, but with a bit of persuasion, Mr Fenfang decided it might be best for all if he put the moon back. He had to use both hands, as it felt a little heavier than the previous night, but once it was back in the sky, everyone could rest easy again.