13 July 2006

How to deal with giants

There was a strange glow to the town of Grimple. It had always been there – at least ever since the fabulously overweight giant Bilderbung was sick over it after eating a rancid whale. But these were the things towns had to cope with if they lived in close harmony with giants. Other places hadn’t fared so well, however.

It’s possibly best not to mention what happened to the small village of Worlington when it came into contact with the notoriously incontinent giant Agretha. And the city of Glump vanished forever when Plompey the Great suffered from a week long bout of the runs.

But Grimple survived Bilderbung’s bilious onslaught and soon became a popular tourist destination. Its pink dayglo look is now a particular favouite with party-goers the world over, and is renowned as the dance capital of the world.

So if a giant ever chooses your home town to ruin, don’t worry. There are always ways of making the best of a situation.